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Windshield wipers

⛈️ In every season, especially in autumn and winter, a good field of vision is the most important condition for safety.

💡 Watch how your windshield wipers clean the windshield: If the windshield is covered with an opaque greasy film, clean it well with a detergent. (The reason for the formation of these plaques is: exhaust, invisible particles formed as a result of the wear of car tires, various substances released by the car on the roads, etc.). And if the wipers leave streaks of water or dirt, this indicates that the rubbers have already worn out. In such a case, it is necessary to replace them with new ones.

‼️ Also, don’t forget! The windshield fluid must not freeze before you can clean it. For this purpose, we recommend to select special fluids containing antifreeze.

✔️ In Autobahn branches, we have windshield concentrates of the Belgian Wynn’s and German Algorex brands, which are recommended by the German DEKRA.

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